Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Rewind

We had lots going on this weekend. Saturday morning I took Reagin to a trial gymnastics class at the ASI in Rockwall to see how she would do and if she liked it. She had fun and did a great job following directions and listening to her teacher! Here's a few pics:

Later that afternoon Reagin and I met Stephanie and Carson at their house and went to Kennedy's 4th birthday party together. The kids had a lot of fun!

Camryn played in Boston's cage for a while...

Sunday was spent doing laundry and hanging out around the house... it was a great weekend! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bath Time Fun

So while Camryn was taking a bath the other night Reagin decided she was going to entertain her and help give her a bath too. It was too sweet and cute not to take pictures and share!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Contract Signed!

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! We finally got the contract signed and sent to our contractor so they can start on the house repairs! The contract states they have 125 days to get it completed, which if all goes well, will put us back in our house sometime in December before Chrsitmas!!! Oh what a Christmas gift that will be!!! We all just want to GO HOME!

So, just wanted to share the excitement! Let's get this ball rolling...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone golfing...

Just a picture of Heath before he went golfing with some of the guys Sunday morning. I just thought he looked cute! :)

Fun In The Sun

Reagin & Jacquelyn

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Last 3 Months...

Okay, so I have really been neglecting our blog! We have been going through some pretty crazy stuff recently!

On April 29th I was at work and got a call from the Rowlett Fire Department telling me that our house had been in a FIRE and I needed to get there immediately! My heart sank to my stomach... please tell me this isn't happening!!!! So I got home and saw the damage. The girls' rooms (that I put many hours, love and work into) were completely destroyed. I was heartbroken!! :( The fire started in our neighbor's attic and spread to our attic from there. We always leave Boston inside in his crate while we are at work and for some reason (thank you, God) that morning I told Heath that we should leave him outside... it was a nice, breezy day and he agreed. He was about 5 seconds away from being in his crate. If he had been inside during the fire, he probably wouldn't have made it! :( Thank you Lord for telling me differently that morning!!!

So... we spent the next 3 weeks in a hotel...Reagin didn't mind at all, she like the free breakfast, maid service & the swimming pool! Camryn started crawling while we were there too! Of course the rooms weren't baby-proofed, but she survived!! :)

Memorial Day weekend we moved into a rental house.This is where we are now. It has been almost 3 months since the fire and the shock has worn off and now we are just trying to get a contract we're happy with and get it signed to get the ball rolling!!!

I must tell you how overwhelmed Heath and I were by the amount of people that offered any and everything they had to help us out through such a difficult time. Money, clothes, food & PRAYERS!! We truly have the very best family and friends ever! Words can not describe how everyone reaching out to us made us feel.:)

Reagin had her very 1st dance recital May 22nd. It was a tap dance to "Hey Goodlookin'" She did a great job! She had just a few "fans" in the audience! ;) Nana & Papa, Mamaw & Papaw, Nana & Tata, Mimi, Pinky, Mommy, Daddy & Cammie, Stephanie, Parker, Carson, Mini & Jackie were all there to cheer her on!

Heath danced a Father/Daughter dance with her on stage! It was so sweet!!

So, since then Camryn has started walking!! Little stinker!! She is walky walkerton these days!

She turned the big 1 on July 8th. We had her birthday party the following Saturday and it was a wonderful day!! She LOVED her cake! The cake I made her!! It was a big cupcake! :)

Let's see... Camryn & Reagin had their 1 yr & 4 yr old pics done in June... it was about 1,000 degrees outside, and Camryn was hot, sleepy, hungry & teething and of course, Allison got some great shots depsite all of that! My pretty girls!!

Reagin went to see the musical of Beauty and the Beast! She loved it!!

We also went to Carson's 5th birthday party last weekend and it was a lot of fun!!

I promise I will try to keep this up to date from now on... or at least the best I can. I know I missed some things from the past 3 months! If I think of anything else, I will post it too!