Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Rewind

We had a great weekend! Friday night Reagin, Mini & I went over to Pinky & Justin's house to babysit my precious nephew, Brody J. He was a perfect little angel. :) Reagin even changed one of his diapers! She loved helping out and wanted to "burp" him the whole time... whether he needed it or not! LOLSaturday morning Mini brought Jacquelyn over for some playtime before we took Reagin & Jacquelyn to see Beauty and the Beast. Reagin, Camryn & Jacquelyn have so much fun together!Then it was MOVIE time! Beauty and the Beast!!!
Saturday night my brother Kyle, and his girlfriend, Sarah, came over for game night. We played 3 games of Taboo, LOVE that game! They won the first game, we won the second, and then they won the third. We will definitely be having a re-match!!! We had lots of fun for sure!!

Sunday evening we went over to Heath's Grandma & Grandpa's house to celebrate Tata's 75th Birthday!!

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