Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs. This is something we always did growing up and I wanted to keep the tradition going with my girls too. Reagin was fascinated!

Sunday morning the girls' discovered the Easter bunny came all the way to Longview and left them baskets full of goodies!

Then we headed to church in our Sunday best.

After church they had an Easter egg hunt. Reagin had a blast while Camryn just played with the grass she was sitting in! lol

After the egg hunt we went back to my Grandparents house and had a nice Easter lunch. Since I have been trying so hard to eat healthy and have been doing such a good job, I gave myself the day off. And it was heaven! We had brisket, ham, potato salad, pea salad, baked beans, mac n cheese, broccoli & cheese, deviled eggs and rolls. DELISH!!

So, funny story about my birthday cake. My mom has always made a bunny cake at Easter and the few years that my birthday has fallen on Easter, or close to it, my birthday cake is a bunny cake. This is the cutest cake you have ever seen! So, my mom and Reagin decorated the cake, complete with coconut "fur" and candy eyeballs. It was precious! So as we were getting ready Sunday morning, one of my mom's dogs decided she would help herself to the cake since no one was paying any attention. So, I discovered it, and it was sad! She ate its eyeballs, half of its bowtie, and licked icing off the ears. It was ruined! So I assured my mom it was no big deal and at least she and Reagin got to decorate it together, etc. So she said she would just pick up a cake at Brookshires before we ate lunch and all would be good. Well, Brookshires was closed so my mom had to make due with what the local Ma & Pop store, Crumps, had to offer. She came back with a frozen cherry cobbler and a frozed German chocolate cake. It was actually really good, so the day was saved! :) Mamaw put some plastic eggs around it and made it purdy for me! :) Too cute!

So after all the food and cake we headed back to Rowlett, about a 2 1/2 hour drive. When we got there Reagin & Camryn had Easter baskets to dig into from their Mimi, Nana & Pinky (Heath's Mom, G-ma & sister, Heather) They got tons of clothes, shoes, toys & candy. (They aren't spoiled at all!) Their cousin, Noah, was there too and Reagin just loves Noah so much!

So after all that, it was bedtime and even though Reagin was wired, Heath, Camryn & I were exhausted so it was most definitely bedtime! It was a wonderful, beautiful weekend spent with family & friends!

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