Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

ALL we did this weekend was clean!!!! (other than Reagy’s dance & Cam’s 9 month check up Sat morning) Heath mowed, weed eated, etc. the front and back yard and we cleaned top to bottom, and everything in between! Although I would normally say we don’t have a big house, after this weekend I would have to say WE DO!! Cleaning 2,000sq ft in a day and a half was a beating!! If it didn’t need it so bad, we could have split it up between 2 weekends but once we got going, there was nothing stopping us!! Heath deep-cleaned all 3 bathrooms while I dusted every single thing that could be dusted, even window seals and picture frames hanging on the walls. Then I vacuumed, organized stuff in the kitchen cabinets, swept the floor & scrubbed the kitchen. Just picking up all the toys everywhere was a chore all by itself! I also swept up all the dirt in the sunroom and picked up all the toys. Boston and Reagin got dirt everywhere in that room a few weeks ago and it got into everything!!! Every toy I picked up I had to shake dirt out of. Then I went one by one and swept cobwebs out of the window seals and corners of the room. That took FOREVER!! We just don't use the room yet, so it gets dirty and doesn't get much attention. As soon as we can get it tranformed into our PLAYROOM, it will stay clean! There might be toys everywhere, but no cobwebs & dirt!!

It was a great work out & my house is clean... for now! LOL

Kyle, Brenda, Christian, Mini, Pinky & Max came over yesterday evening and we ordered pizza and hung out for a while. That was so nice! Not planned but my brother called about 11:00 and said he got off at 3:00 and wanted to know what we were doing because he & the kids wanted to come have dinner with the Dunns… which just meant ordering pizza! lol I loved it though! I got to cheat by eating pizza and hang out with fam & friends in our CLEAN house!!! Gotta love that!

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