Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dude! Where's his car?

So yesterday morning Heath called me and said that his car broke down on the shoulder of 635 and Mike was going to pick him & Max up and take them to work. (Thanks Mike!) So Max called his friend, Sam, that has worked on Heath's car before and he was going to go out and work on his car and hopefully fix it and drive it to Heath's work. So of course we start worrying about how much it will be & Heath being late for work, etc. So Heath gets to work and all is well... or so we thought. So Sam calls Heath around noon and says "Where's your car?" Heath is like "Whaaaaat?" His car was gone!!! So Heath starts calling the Mesquite and Garland police and they don't have it. They also told him that he legally has up to 72 hours to get it moved before they will tow it. Okayyyy, so what does that mean? The only thing we can think of is someone stole it. But not just anyone, someone with a tow truck since it wasn't running. So Heath called around to all the pounds and no one has it. He called the Sheriff's office and they told him to try the Constable's office, that they have been illegally towing people's car in some kind of money scam... I hear it has been on the news, but I don't watch the news. It's too depressing. So what we thought was going to be a simple fix, change the belt and move on turns out to be a much bigger mess! I have never had someone steal a car from me so we are just so shocked! Heath filed a stolen car report with the police and we're still searching! What really pisses me off is the girls' car seats were in there! JERKS!!! Well, hopefully is surfaces soon, we really need 2 cars in our family. Keep your fingers crossed we find it soon!!!

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