Thursday, March 25, 2010

This & That Thursday

So things have been pretty darn crazy with the Dunn family this month! March has not liked us very much so far!

It started out with Heath's car being stolen. Still not found, I'm sure it's a different color with different plates and long gone to Mexico by now. We were still trying to figure out what to do about that when my car broke down last week and it had to be taken to the shop. THANKFULLY we got the good news yesterday that it was a faulty transmission module and was covered under the 100,000 mile warranty!!!! The guy told Heath it was in the "thousands" to repair it! I nearly died when I heard this but was SO relieved it was covered under that warranty. We realllllly needed a break in the car department!!! So, now we're still down to one car, but at least it is a working car!! lol

On another note... Camryn said her first official word! MAMA!! I was picking her up out of her bouncer to go put her in her bed and I said something along the lines of "Mama's got you" as I picked her up and then... the sweetest little voice said "Mama" I wasn't quite sure I heard her right so I said "Yeah, I'm Mama" and she said "Mama" I was thrilled!!! I took her on to bed and on the way we passed Heath so I told him what happened and after I said "Mama" again she said "Mama" :) It was awesome! Since them she keeps saying "Mama" and "Dadadadada" Everytime I try to get her to say Mama, Reagin says "Say Reagin" and of course Cam just smiles at her. Makes me wonder what she will end up calling her until she can say Reagin... hmmmmm...

Speaking of Reagy, she has her first dance reciatal in May and we are so looking forward to seeing her shine on that stage! She was born to dance and perform! She and 2 other girls in her dance class are the only ones that usually get 2 stickers because they dance and sing and smile the whole time. Not sure what the others are doing, but they are 3 so who knows?! Her costume is the cutest little pink sequined cowgirl outfit with a matching cowgirl hat and the dance is to "Hey Goodlookin'... whatcha got cookin'" It is going to be so stinkin cute!! Can't belive she is old enough to have a recital! Where has the time gone?

In other news, I am 4 lbs away from my goal weight! Woooohooooo! It was been a healthy weight loss and for the most part gradual so I'm really hoping it will stay off. I plan on continuing to eat healthier and make better choices when it comes to food to help keep it off!

Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I cannot believe you didn't email me this information today!! YAYYYYY CAMMIE!!!

  2. OMG, Steph... I thought I did, this happened last week! Maybe cuz I put it as my status the night it happened on FB?

  3. I hope y'all get all the car stuff worked out soon and don't have any more issues. The only time Emma says Mama is when she's crying. It's usually just Dadadada. Be sure to take lots of pics of Reggin in her costume. That sounds adorable. And congrats on your weight loss. That's awesome!!