Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

Chunky Chunkerton!!!

Just chillin while swinging for the first time!

Love that tongue thing she's doing these days!

So Saturday we got up and Reagin was off to dance, Camryn & I stayed home and played and Boston spent some time outside in the sun chewing on his bone. It was so pretty out there!! So after dance Reagin wanted to go to Chilis, and it sounded so good, so we went for lunch. We wanted Pinky (Heather) to go with us so we could buy her lunch, in appreciation for everything she did to help us out last week since we only had one car. (grrrrrr!) Heather came over every morning to take Reagin to school and picked her up after school & brought her home. Such a lifesaver!!! So after lunch it was nap time. Got the girls down for naps, and even got a lil one myself! YAY! Then Rachel came over for a lil while and we hung out and caught up on all of our gossip. Sadly enough, 75% of that was about Y&R. We can't help it!! It's been SOOOOO GOOD recently!! lol Sunday afternoon I took Camryn to Allison's to get her pictures taken. OMG! She was in SUCH a good mood and was talking up a storm with Allison. I can't wait (as usual) to see her pics, I know they will be amazing!! After that our friend, Amy, came by and dropped off some swimsuits she got the girls. Reagin's is absloutely adorable! It is a lady bug bikini and the top of the bikini are 2 lady bugs to cover up her itty bitties. lol Heath was freaking out and Amy thought it was hilarious! It was pretty funny! Camryn's is a pink leopard kitty cat, monokini and it is precious!!! Can't wait for them to wear them! So after that we were off to the park to meet Stephanie, Carson & Parks. Steph was so sweet and got all the kiddos Happy Meals to eat before they played. Camryn got to swing for the first time (other than her baby swing at home) and she was so adorable in it! Her thighs are so freakin chunky!!! heehee Reagin wasn't feeling very good, tummy issues, so she wanted to go home and lay down. For Reagin to say that, you know she wasn't feeling good!! She went straight to bed, her request, as soon as we got home. She was sick throughout the night and now Heath isn't feeling good either! :( Hopefully this doesn't last long! Sooo it was a beautiful weekend and I think overall it was pretty darn good... til Reagy got sick...
I'm really, really hoping and praying for a better week this week! Last week needs to be a distant memory! It was a beating for sure!!
Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Lovin those thighs! She is soooo kissable!!!
    Hope Reagy gets to feeling better soon!!!