Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early Birthday Present!

Rachel got me this AWESOME Ipod for my birthday!! THANKS A LOTTTTTT MINI! :) Although my birthday isn't until April 3, she got it in the mail yesterday and decided to give it to me early! YAY! Plus, when she was ordering it online one of our managers came in and jokingly told her to get off the Apple website... and prior to that she had asked me "red or pink?" and then told me not to pay any attention to what she was doing since we share an office at work... so he pretty much gave it away... and that was probably best because I don't think she could've waited over 2 weeks to give it to me anyway! LOL It's sooooo cool! Not only does it play music outloud without head phones, it also records like a camcorder! :) She also loaded all my tunes on there so it's playing as we speak! Best bestie evvvvvvv! Oh, and I know it looks sorta red in the picture, but it's HOTTT PINK!

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